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Our simple mission is to support you in feeling balanced, happy and connected each time you leave us.

Welcome to Wight Wellness

Wight Wellness was founded by Joanna Hunt, Conscious Family Coach and Best Selling Author of “Find Your Mama Groove”. Wight Wellness is the physical and virtual creation of our mantra of bringing balance, happiness and connection to Mothers (of all ages) who want to build a richer life for themselves and their families. We welcome you in with open arms.

The energy of the Isle of Wight is so special and whether you live here or are visiting us, we can’t wait to deepen your experience of this magical island.

Having lived and worked in New York, Boston, Bali and London we are bringing the best of our global teachings to our precious Isalnd and cannot wait for you to join us. 

Joanna Hunt coach

Joanna Hunt

Founder - Wight Wellness

Private Yoga

Practice privately with Joanna Hunt. Choose from Private, Partner, Family  (upto 6 family members), Pre Natal, Post Natal, Theraputics and Yoga for Beginners!

Private Yoga

£ 80
  • Private appointment with Joanna Hunt
  • Choose from a variety of Yoga classes
  • 1x Tree Planted

3x Private Sessions

£ 229
  • 3x Private appointments with Joanna Hunt
  • Set goals and rebalance
  • 3x Trees Planted

5x Private Sessions

£ 375
  • 5x Private appointments with Joanna Hunt
  • Set goals and transform
  • 5x Trees Planted
Joanna Hunt - Find Your Mama Groove

Find Your Mama Groove

Are you a Mum suffering from Burnout? Joanna Hunt’s best selling book “Find Your Mama Groove” is a 5 step guide to a balanced, happy, connected life and family. Click on the link to buy your copy from Amazon today! 

Burnout Mama Coaching

Are you a Burnt Out Mum? Work privately with Joanna to restore your Mama Groove.

Private Session

£ 137
  • 1x Private 75 Minute Appointment With Joanna Hunt
  • 2x Trees Planted

3x Private Sessions

£ 397
  • 3x Private 75 Minute Appointments With Joanna Hunt
  • 6x Trees Planted

Wight Wellness App

We are conscious of our client’s time and hence we’ve made the decision that Wight Wellness will be hassle free so that we can focus on what’s important to you.

We are using the best technology available so please click one of the buttons below to download the app & get started! 

Gift Cards

Feel like giving someone a post lockdown wellness boost this summer? You can purchase one of our gift cards by clicking on the amount you’d like to purchase below.

Living and operating in a UNESCO Biosphere, we are committed to supporting the environment.

This means each class taken with Wight Wellness means tree planting. 

It’s not just about reducing our carbon footprint; it’s about cleaning water in Brazil, protecting biodiversity in Indonesia or empowering women in Rwanda…

It’s about changing our planet for the better – so thank you for your support. 


Trees Planted by
Wight Wellness