Corporate Retreats

Physical engagement, spiritual immersion.

Just 2 hours away from London Waterloo, Wight Wellness has created corporate retreat experiences that give your team space to re-connect, create and profit – in all senses of the word. 

Individuals will leave our retreats with more meaningful connections with colleagues with practical tools to improve their own health and wellbeing, leaving with a stronger support network, a renewed sense of enthusiasm for looking after themselves, and each other. While having plenty of fun! 

Our corporate retreats can be tailor-made for you and your colleagues. We can provide a bespoke end-to-end event management and support service

Wight Wellness is based in Seaview on the Isle of Wight, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

We are a convenient trip to an unconventional experience.

Featured Offerings


Day Retreat

We lift your team out of the ordinary and into the extra-ordinary, reminding them what it feels like to be a team. 

Come and reconnect and harness the power of human connection in beautiful Seaview and its surrounding beaches.


Our Signature 2 Night / 3 Day Retreat

Immersion will take your team through our five key retreat principles. They’ll find peace, have time to relax, wonder in the physical space and environment of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve on the Isle of Wight and they will connect with themselves and their colleagues. 

Ultimately – this leads to creativity and innovation with significant ROI for employee and company alike.

Wight Wellness is the perfect post-Covid opportunity for your team to escape Zoom and reconnect your team. It’s a perfectly timed solution to challenging times.

Ciaran O’Donnell

FD of the Year – 2019 British Accountancy Awards


Time for a quantum leap out of your current reality?