Find Your Mama Groove

So many of you will have worked with Joanna Hunt – Co-founder of Wight Wellness over the last couple of years.

Joanna is a best-selling author of Find Your Mama Groove and Conscious Family Coach™.

Joanna supports mothers to transform from feeling overwhelmed and exhausted to re-energized and empowered, by creating a soul-aligned life instead.

Joanna guides Mothers who are ready to redefine their experience of motherhood by reclaiming their feminine powers which subsequently puts an end to generational trauma and heals their children. 

By creating containers for Mothers to love themselves, Joanna creates the environment to support their children in feeling deeply loved and celebrated for the magic that’s within them. 

Joanna is going to be offering experiences this summer on the Island when she returns from Bali where she has been deep in exploration with world leading facilitators. 

For more information on Joanna Hunt please visit her website

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