Wight Wellness – An Impermanent Separation

The law of impermanence states that all relationships will end via death or separation.

Wow. Like we need to hear more doom and gloom. Or is it?

Wight Wellness opened it’s doors on 13th March 2020. 

Within hours (no joke) we were locked down. O well, it’ll be over by June was the chat on the Seaview High Street. 

So we locked up (and down so to speak) and got out the paint brush, set up the website and waited, and waited, and well, waited. 

The law of impermanence was looking pretty permanent. 

We were tempted to run to zoom, we were tempted to become a cafe, we were tempted to close and hibernate. 

What we could eventually run for just 4 weeks of last summer was small but perfectly formed. 

However…what we came to realise is that Coronavirus was the ultimate in impermanence. Sadly, many have lost loved ones too early and that’s never to be discounted, however everyone has suffered separation. 

A mass divorce…. so in a sense – mass trauma – and this is not to be skittled away with a stiff upper lip.

Human beings are social beings (whatever part of society we originate from) and as such it started to become evident that in the new normal, Wight Wellness had a new mission. 

To provide connectivity, because where connectivity goes, energy flows. 

So, in 2021, that’s us, that’s Wight Wellness in a nutshell; a warm, fuzzy ball of connection where you are free to connect, free to hug, free to cry and free to heal. 

For as long as we can, we welcome you, with permanent open, loving arms. 

You are loved.

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